................in 1987 my first Balinese arrived, and this was how it all started in Norway too.


  Our very first variant litter. They were born July 12, 1988 
(PR/EC Vivelkattens Pamir, BAL c

( Hi was the first Balinese in Norway.)x Beauty av Karitzy, SIA b 21)
One of the females in this litter,
Choco Alexandra av Karitzy
, SIA b/BAL Var 
 stayed with us and was later bred to Vivelkattens Toady.
The very first Balinese litter in our cattery,
born November 16, 1989.
Dai Djang, Danzer, Dajmi  &
Miss Delight av Karitzy
(PR/EC Vivelkattens Pamir, BAL c x
EC Pandai Morwenna, BAL b 21,UK import -88)
Fara Diba av Karitzy, BAL b, born 17/4-90 
(Vivelkattens Toady, BAL a x
Choco Alexandra av Karitzy, SIA b/BAL Var)
Garcon, Goya, Gucci & Giovanni av Karitzy,
born 18/5-90
(Vivelkattens Toady, BAL a x
EC Pandai Morwenna, BAL b 21)
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