Variants - 4 males and 3 females. Born November 7, 2005.

Proud parents:
GIC (N) Damrong's Power in Stripes JW, SIA n 21 IC Zpicy-Zurprise av Karitzy DM, BAL f 21

Kittens Pedigree

Touch of Cocoa, male, SIA b Var
Lost in Stripes, male, SIA b 21 Var
Secret Surprise, male, SIA b 21 Var
Golden Power, male, SIA d 21 Var
Gift of Crystal, female, SIA b Var
Tricky Reflection, female,SIA n 21 Var
Power in Tortie, female, SIA f 21 Var

15 Weeks

3 kittens have moved to new homes.....

... soon this 2 boys and 1 girl will leve us.
Golden Power, Touch of Cocoa and Power in Tortie
Tricky Reflection stay with us.


10 weeks

Touch of Cocoa
& Tricky Reflection

Tricky Reflection & Lost in Stripes

Gift of Crystal

Golden Power

Lost in Stripes

Secret Surprise

Touch of Cocoa playing with Tricky.

Golden Power

7 1/2 weeks

Touch of Cocoa & Golden Power 2

Lost in Stripes & Secret Surprise
Tricky Reflection, Secret Surprise & Power in Tortie

Golden Power & Gift of Crystal


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