born October 24th, 2001.
7 Variants.

5 males and 2 females.

Charmy Camaro, SIA b/BAL Var, male
Black Bentley,
SIA n/BAL Var, male - stays with us
Dark Daimler,
SIA n/BAL Var, male
Bugatti, SIA b/BAL Var, male
Lilac Lamburghini, SIA c/BAL Var, male
Colourful Corvette, SIA f/BAL Var, female - stays with us
Midnight Mercedes,
SIA b/BAL Var, female


The proud parents are;
GIC SW'00 Littlefeat Hawkeye, SIA n x CH Bewitching Blazing Amazing, BAL h

Camaro and Bentley

12 weeks old

Corvette 12 weeks old
Daimler 11 weeks old

Lamburghini, Mercedes, Bentley
and Camaro 12 weeks old

New Years day, 2002.

December 31st, 2001

Charmy Camaro SIA b/BAL Var, 3 weeks old

Black Bentley SIA n/BAL Var, 3 weeks old

Dark Daimler SIA n/BAL Var, 3 weeks old

Brilliant Bugatti SIA b/BAL Var, 3 weeks old

Lilac Lamburghini SIA c/BAL Var, 3 weeks old

Colourful Corvette SIA f/BAL Var, 3 weeks old

Midnight Mercedes SIA b/ BAL Var, 3 weeks old

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