The Z-litter born December 8th, 2000.
The proud parents are;
EC Othello av Karitzy,  BAL e 21 x CH Bewitching Blazing Amazing,  BAL h 

Zilky-ZafirBAL j
 Zoft-Light-ZoeyBAL d 21
 Zhing-Ha-Lingh,  BAL e 21

Zhic-Zhak-ZhivazBAL b 21
 Zpicy-Zurprise, BAL f 21 - will stay here with us

Zing-Ha-Lingh, BAL e 21, 7 weeks.

Chocolate tabby boy Zhic-Zhak-Zhivaz, 8 weeks old.

Zpicy-Zurprise , (backg. Zing-Ha-Lingh), Zilky-Zafir , Zhik-Zhac-Zhivaz,
  6 weeks old.

Zilky Zafir BAL j 8 weeks.

Zoft-Light-Zoey, BAL d 21  8 weeks.

Zpicy-Zurprise, female BAL f 21, 9 weeks.

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