Pippastro EarlGrey, SIA c Var - Born December 14, 2006
(GR CH JohpasTrickortreat, SIA d 21 x Ardagh Molly Malone,
Bal b21)
Breeder: Phillippa Browning UK.

Only pointed cats in the pedigrees


offspring 1 offspring 2 offspring 3  

Summer '09


August 4, 07

May 13, 07

April 18, 07

March 28, 07


EarlGray Dam Malekittens Femalekittens
Lilac Seal Seal,**Blue, **Chocolate, **Lilac Seal,Seal,**Blue, **Chocolate, **Lilac
  Blue Blue, **Lilac Blue, **Lilac
Chocolate Chocolate, **Lilac Chocolate, **Lilac
Lilac Lilac Lilac
Red Red, **Creme Red, **Creme
Creme Creme Creme
Sealtortie Seal, Blue, Red, **Creme, **Chocolate, **Lilac Seal, Sealtortie, Blue, Bluetortie, **Chocolate,**Chocolatetortie, **Lilac**Lilactortie
Bluetortie Blue, Creme, **Lilac Blue, Bluetortie, **Lilac,**Lilactortie
Chocolatetortie Red, Chocolate, **Creme, **lilac Chocolate, Chocolatetortie, **Lilac**Lilactortie
Lilactortie Creme, Lilac Creme, Lilactortie


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