Our cats are living together with the family,
and holds a unique place in our society.

I have stopped breeding.

All my cats are retired:
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TinaTurner, OLH n
Pippastro Arianwen,
OLH bs 24

Black Tiara av Karitzy,
Tricky Reflection av Karitzy,
SIA n 21 Var
CH Zpicy-Zurprise av Karitzy DM, BAL f 21,-00

Pippastro EarlGray,
SIA c Var -sited
EC Bewitching Karitzy Khamu DSM
BAL d 21, -01

The first Balinese in Norway.

"Cats know how to obtain food without labour,
shelter without confinement and love without penalties." W.L. George

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