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Here are some views of our home..

My name is Solbjørg Karlsen. 
I was born in the northern part of Norway, but moved south when I was 18 years old. 
I live in Porsgrunn with my husband and the cats.
We have three grown up children, and I am also a grandmother.

Here are some pictures of my family


I am a member of one of the oldest cat clubs in
Norway,  VERAK - a member of NRR and FIFe.
My husband and  I have always loved cats,  and
they have always been a natural part of our family.

We live in our own house, that we designed and built ourselves. The cats have plenty of room and in the summer
we have a big garden they can play in.
The rest of the year they stay indoors because of the climate.
In wintertime we can have a lot of snow in Scandinavia.

Our first pure bred cats.
Our first cats of breed were Persian.
One Colorpoint and one Chinchilla. We never bred
these cats,
but they participated in Shows.
In 1983, we got our first Siamese, a male and a female; picture
I fell in love with them at first sight.
Here is a act .

My prefix; av Karitzy
- time for breeding.
In 1984, I got my prefix, av Karitzy ~ registered in NRR/FIFe.
Soon the first Siamese litter was born and my breeding of Siamese began.
A few years later I read about the longhaired Siamese (Balinese),
which made me very interested. At that time this breed was
unknown in my country and I decided to get a Balinese.

This was how it all started up for us with our breeding.

My first Balinese
But it wasn't very easy - because Norway has strict import rules. 
I had to go to Sweden or United Kingdom if I wanted this rare breed.
In 1987 my first Balinese arrived.

He was a stunning lilac pointed male from Sweden, PR/EC Vivelkattens Pamir,
who became Veteran of The Year in 1995,1999 and 2000.
Breeder: Nina Lindstrøm. 

This was the very beginning of Balinese in Norway.

Later, in 1988, I decided to import a female,
EC Pandai Morwenna,
a chocolate tabby Balinese from England. Breeder: Liz Corps. 

Two years later we got our second import from England, 
EC EP Soleil Sun Prince, a red tabby pointed and handsome boy.
Breeder: Lilian Howard
Prince have his own page on 'My Cats' - neuters.
In 1996, I decided to concentrate
more on my Balinese breeding; and therefore
we gave up our breeding of pure Siamese.

In 2000 I decided to import a chocolate tortie pointed female Bewitching Blazing Amazing
y second import from Bewitching arrived in 2001.
A red tabby point Balinese male Bewitching Karitzy Khamu.
- Both from Patricia Cooper, Ireland

New imports arrived March 26, 2007;
Pippastro Arianwen,OLH bs 22 and Pippastro EarlGray, SIA c Var
Breeder of both cats: Phillippa Browning UK.

The future and my goals.



Min mann med vår gale kastrathann Apricot Flame

Specialising in Red, Cream and Tortie Points

The most important thing for me in my breeding program is:
Healthy cats, no defects and a sweet temperament.

From time to time we mate with Siamese,
to widen the gene pool and improve the type.



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